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Why a Well-Designed Website Matters

Your website is the gateway to your buyers. That is why it is important that you have a website that is designed as per your customers’ requirements. Your website’s design always creates the first impression on the visitor’s mind. Visitors are liable to get engaged with the website, owing to the design of the website.

web design and development services
why good web design matters - Nexus Orb

Benefits of Having a Well-Designed Website

A great web design is definitely required for your business website. Being the primary gateway to your business on the internet, a properly developed website has diverse key benefits that aid to a smoother and more rapid promotion to your website on various social networks, search engines, and advertising platforms. Some of the most important key benefits of a great web design and development are as follows.

A properly designed, programmed and optimized website has the potential to rise up in rankings on search engines. The better the optimization, the higher will be the ranking of a website.

If a website is connected to all social media profiles by the use of external linking and embedding within its pages, then it will attract more audience from the respective social media networks. Again, if a website’s content is regularly updated and promoted on social media, then there is a greater chance of higher engagement and conversions on the website due to the influence of the website’s content and promotions.

Billions of people access the internet on a daily basis. Considering such a huge demand, it is quite obvious that if you have a brilliant and optimized website, it will, in turn, improve your brand visibility on the internet.

A well-designed and developed website that is regularly updated with latest information will increase the brand value. People will give more importance to such brand websites owing to their credibility and goodwill.

As per recent studies, most people wait for no longer than 4 seconds before leaving a webpage. Therefore, if you have a faster website that is well-programmed and optimized for speed, then there are greater chances of retention of visitors and that they will find interest in exporing your content, products or services through your website.

A great website means that it is beautifully designed, incorporates easy user experience, and neatly programmed. If your website possesses such features, then you will definitely receive more conversions and click-through rates on your website. This will lead to more sales and profits.

If your website is designed and developed for optimal performance and efficient user experience, then you will require lesser maintenance costs and significantly lower marketing or promotional budget.

What We Focus On

Easier Navigation

The most fundamental aspect of user experience on a website is to have the shortest and easiest navigation system.

Optimizing Content

On any website, the content is king. Therefore, optimizing content and visual elements play a crucial role.

Increasing Brand Recognition

We focus on increasing your brand value and greater exposure of your brand identity through the website.

Organized Flow Process

Our web design and development activity involves a smooth and organized flow process for delivering the job on time.

Improving Engagement

One of our primary aim in web design and development is to increase CTR and improve conversions and engagement.

Providing Affordable Solutions

All our web design and development services are competitively priced and reasonably affordable.

What Makes Us Unique

There are a multitude of web development agencies and companies in the industry. Then, why should you choose us? There are numerous ways in which we can make your website unique and innovative. Our solid experience is the key here, and we believe in designing and developing high-converting websites. Our web design and web development services are customized, tailormade, affordable and innovative. This is what makes us different from others.

Working in the IT and Software industry for over 10 years, we at Nexus Orb™ team has brilliant skill-set, specialization and exceptional experience in web design and web development.

We don’t just design or develop websites for a living, but we actually enjoy the working process in any project and show full passion and dedication in whatever we do.

We don’t just follow your requirements carefully, but also work on brainstorming and creating innovative ideas on how to improve the website even further, or finding new ways of crafting the website for a better user experience that will surely exceed your expectations.

We take project deadlines and turn-around time seriously. To ensure that we meet the deadline for a project, we follow a well-organized workflow. This not only accelerates our working process, but also makes it easier for communicating and collaborating with our client.

No excuses here! We provide as many revisions and iterations as needed unless and until you are totally satisfied with the final website.

What makes us unique - Nexus Orb

Our 6-Step Working Process


Gather Information

We gather the necessary website requirements from you and prepare them for a deeper study. Then we create ideas and mindmaps based on your requirements.

Create Ideas


After gathering your requirements, we closely study and create logical mindmaps or flowcharts to create the developmental road ahead in a much easier fashion.


Wireframes (low-fidelity)​

We start laying out a low-fidelity graphical structure of your website in the form of wireframes. We will share them with you to give an idea of the site layout & structure.


Actual Design & Development

After your approval, we start the actual high-fidelity website designing process. Along with this, we begin programming the website and start the web development process.

Revisions and Iterations


Once the website is ready, we will share it with you. Based on your constructive feedback, we revise the website until you are fully satisfied with the final product.


Deliver The Work

When the website has been built to perfection, we deliver you the complete website along with the necessary user details and credentials for accessing it.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We will be delighted to work on your project. Just send us a message along with your requirements and we will reply to you with our estimate and valuable suggestions.

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