Project Flow Process

In this document, you will become more familiar with how we collaborate and work on a particular project towards successful completion.

Step 1: You let us know your requirements

The first stage of a project is to gather as much information as possible so that we can get a clear idea of your requirements. Once we gather the necessary information from you, we will begin with building ideas and mindmaps regarding the work that is assigned in the project. We will then build a work route or working flowchart based on which our project will progress further.

Step 2: We let you know our cost factor and turn-around time for the project

Once we have established the proper milestones for the project, we will let you know the exact cost factor and TAT (turn-around time) that will be required for the project work. This will be sent to you as an estimation form.

Step 3: We send you the project agreement papers

We will send you the project agreement papers once you have accepted our estimates.

If you accept our project agreement, we will send you the invoice for the project. Based on the complexity of the project, we may create several milestones and send you the invoice which will clearly outline all the milestones. Any requirement for advance payment will be mentioned in the invoice that will be sent to you. The advance payment is counted as the first milestone.

Step 4: You make the advance payment for the project

After we send you the invoice, you will need to pay the advance milestone payment amount for enabling us to begin working on the project. We will mention all the details that you will need for making the payment in the invoice. Note that the advance milestone payment amount is not refundable. Please refer to our FAQs and documentation for more information.

Step 5: That’s it! We will now begin working on the project

Once the payment is successful, we will start working on the project. Throughout the project, we will provide you with access to our project workspace on the Asana platform. All progress reports and project-related details will be available mainly through the Asana app. This will allow easy and fast collaboration between you and us throughout the project work.

Step 6: We complete the milestones one by one

As mentioned before, depending on the overall size and intensity/complexity of the project, we will divide the project into several milestones. These milestones will be available for your reference through Asana. Milestones are further divided into tasks. On your invoice, we will mention only the milestones for which you have to make the payments. The tasks will be mentioned along with their primary milestones in our Asana project workspace.

When the time comes to make a payment for a milestone completion, please make the payment promptly so that we can ensure the smooth and punctual progress of the project. We will always try our best to stick to the deadlines and complete the milestones on time or even faster.

Step 7: Revisions, collaboration and meetups

Throughout every milestone, we will be sharing with you our concepts and progress reports. You can review them and let us know what changes or modifications do you need (if any). We will work towards them and with proper collaboration with you, we will gradually refine the work and make it convenient to meet your expectations.

Step 8: Handing over the finished work to you to complete the project

When the project work is successfully completed, we will give you access to the project work for your final review. If you are satisfied with the outcome, please make the payment for the final milestone. After receiving complete payment from you for the project, we will hand you over all the credentials and transfer all IP rights and responsibilities over to you.


For a smooth flow and progress of the project with you, we request you to maintain a timely conversation with us and promptly pay us for our services. If you have any questions, always feel free to discuss them with us.

Having said that, we will always maintain prompt communication and provide you with various means of communicating with us- which includes email, Skype, WhatsApp, phone calls, and even Asana.

We will be updating this page from time to time based on any change, update or modification in our workflow. The date of updating this page will be mentioned below.

Last Updated: November 25, 2021.

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